The 'East Meets West' collection highlights the Sashiko, an ancestral embroidery technique in Japan.

Sashiko embroidery originated as a utilitarian craft, initially employed by farmers to mend and strengthen their well-worn clothing with meticulous stitching.

Over time, it has evolved into a popular and fashionable art-form. Aesthetically, it involves the use of contrasting colors arranged in geometric patterns,

frequently using white threads on affordable indigo blue fabric.

The sashiko pattern, referred to as the "rice grain," derives its name from its size and shape, which resembles actual grains of rice.

Kenzo Takada explored this ancestral know-how for a fashion show in the 90’s.

This ancestral know-how comes back for NIGO’s FW23 show. NIGO reinvents its visual identity with both contrasted and tonal colour codes.

Sashiko technique is declined throughout the collection in nylon outerwears, denim, knit and jersey.