The Kimono - A Core Kenzo Shape Redefined by Nigo

Since the creation of the House, Kenzo Takada mixes the cultural codes of the East and the West.

The kimono, cherished as one of his favored silhouettes, has subsequently evolved into one of Kenzo's prominent signatures.

These codes have undergone a process of imaginative reinterpretation and refinement ever since Nigo's inaugural season as artistic director.

In the forthcoming Fall-Winter 2023 collection, Nigo artfully explores the kimono silhouette across various mediums, including tailored pieces, denim ensembles, outerwear garments, shirts, and dresses.

Kimono jacket
LBP 59,766,900
Kimono jacket
LBP 59,766,900
Kimono suit jacket
LBP 96,358,800
Kimono blazer
LBP 96,358,800
Kimono puffer jacket
LBP 91,479,900
Kimono jacket
LBP 54,888,000


The polar fleece kimono concept blends Eastern and Western influences.

The garment is adorned with a 'Kenzo archive logo' stitched patch on the back,

paying a tribute to the House's history.

The collar, cuffs and belt are also embellished with Sashiko stitching,

a traditional Japanese technique that has been passed down through generations.

These details and craftsmanship are a modern

take on Kenzo's heritage.