In the vibrant of the jungles of Asia began our inspiration for this collection, awash in colors of green and ochre, prowling with clouded leopards and tigers.
We’ve translated that raw natural energy into an urban language for Spring, with jolts of ice blue and pale pink, with geometric and organic patterns.
We’ve combined our love of utility, found in versatile multifunctional pieces, with sensuality and fluidity, baring a lot of skin, and pairing tailoring with looser silhouettes.

We took on one of KENZO’s signatures, the off-the-shoulder dress, and pared down the volume to create a more streamlined take on it in tops and dresses.
Many pieces feature hints of lingerie, appearing almost as though the undergarments are on the exterior. Details such as these give each piece a twist for the woman who wants to be noticed.

Irreverent illusions are found throughout the collection, such as tigers hiding behind leaf prints, and a pant that appears to have a boot pulled over the knee.
A camouflage leopard print appears throughout the collection in tangerine, turquoise and mustard yellow hues that lend a surreal, synthetic quality to the animal print.
We’ve introduced a psychedelic forest print, which we imagined is what the jungle might look like viewed through night-vision goggles.
Our tiger motif is embroidered onto denim pieces and added to golden buckles.

We’ve partnered again with Delfina Delettrez who has created a collection of jewelry pieces featuring textured, printed metals, fringed arm cuffs, animal rings, and hair combs which add a jungle fierceness to each look.

Sky-high leather boots with drawstrings, high-heeled acid lizard loafers and heavily embroidered, glossy lizard sandals with raffia and metal detailing complete the urban jungle look.

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