The eye is the iconic symbol of the season here at KENZO. If the one in our collection is a protective symbol, the eye has multiple meanings throughout the world. We have been presenting some of them on Kenzine. Time for the last one: Buddha's eye!

A question mark seems to extend Buddha’s gaze as He stares out from a stupa, or Buddhist commemorative monument. Buddha’s gaze is said to be not sad, joyful or strict. It is expressionless and non-judgmental. His eyes are omniscient: all-seeing, all-knowing. 

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Buddha’s nose, descending like a question mark from between the eyes, is used to denote the number 1 in Nepali. It represents the unique character of Buddha. The term “Buddha” means “the enlightened one”, a person who has reached Nirvana. The concept of Clairvoyance occurs throughout the Teachings of Buddha: it is the ultimate objective of the Buddhist way of life, the reward of Enlightenment. According to Buddhist tradition, meditation is the path to six types of higher powers. It is from the “divine eye” that all the others emanate. The divine eye sees a multitude of phenomena not perceived by the physical eye, both earthly and supernatural, near and far. The divine eye is also one of the “three wisdoms”, the others being knowledge of death and resurrection as well as knowledge of the future.