Though the eye has been used as a symbol in many different times and cultures with many meanings, there often seems to be a certain implicit mystery in disembodied eye symbols - no one can tell who, exactly, is behind those eyes watching you. Like in a classic haunted house when the eyes on the painting start to move, we don't know whether the being behind the eye is good or for evil but we definitely feel suspicious - those eyes are seeing everything.

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That is perhaps part of the spirit in which the eye was adopted as a symbol for the Freemasons, an organization known for its long history and it's extreme secrecy - and as a result, the multitude of conspiracy theories about the organizations beliefs, formation, and influence. Though the organization claims to prohibit discussion of politics and religion at its meetings, it is thought that Freemasons must declare their belief in an ambiguous "Supreme Being" in order to be accepted into the organization. The eye symbol is thought to signify this supreme being, a la the all-seeing eye. However, some conspiracy theorists see the eye more as indicative of the influence Freemasonry has on the world, with the all-seeing eye watching over everything and everyone. The use of the Eye of Providence in the United States seal was thought to be proof of the Freemasons control over the formation of the United States, though that is now thought to be false, as no one who designed the government seal was Masonic and the masons claim to never use the all-seeing eye coupled with a pyramid as it appears on the United States seal. No matter the Freemasons beliefs, their esoteric nature and use of the eye symbol has made them the target of many of the most popular conspiracy theories today.