When we were designing the Fall-Winter 2013 collection, we spent so much time staring at eyes, making our eye prints and embroideries just right and obsessing over the possibilities of everything we could cover in eyes. At one point, like Yayoi Kusama and her polka dots, we had a moment where we started to see eyes covering everything, including our dreams. We soon learned that seeing eyes in dreams meant more than just that we were having too much fun with our new collection; after reading a few dream interpretation books, we learned that the eyes were telling us about ourselves, our subconscious life, and our relationships with other people.

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Seeing your own two eyes in a dream is said to happen while unconscious thoughts are coming to the surface, but if you dream about getting something in your eye it means there is something hindering you from doing what you need to do. If in your dream you only have one eye, it can indicate that you are being close-minded to a view-point aside from your own. But if you're lucky enough to have a third eye in your dream, it of course shows your insightfulness.

If you see disembodied, floating eyes, according to different interpretations, it indicates either that someone is watching you with their sights set on taking your position, or, preferably, that good luck is coming your way. If the eyes are large it more specifically indicates good luck in money, but if they are dark and mysterious, you'll have good luck in romance. Of course, dream interpretation is subjective and when interpreting your own dreams it's important to note the symbolism of the context and to keep in mind what eyes mean to you personally, and just remember: eyes are a window to the soul, so we recommend looking deep inside them if you happen upon them in your dreams!