Tired? Trouble concentrating? Insomnia? Nightmares? If these symptoms appear in conjunction with a sudden bout of bad luck, magnesium isn’t helping and nothing unusual shows up in blood tests, it could be a case of the evil eye. 

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Those endowed with this malevolent killer look have the ability to destroy a life and bring all sorts of misfortune upon a person. It might sound like a lethal weapon to offload our enemies, but it’s not as simple as that. Evil eye is caused by deep-seated envy or uncontrollable jealousy. Acting on the impulse seems to be more involuntary than premeditated: in medieval times, only witches had the power to cast the spell, which they would invoke on the first misfortunate to cross their path. Centuries-old belief in the Evil Eye dates back to the Old and New Testaments as well as figuring in Judaism and Islam, and extends across borders from India to Greece by way of Ireland, Portugal and Italy. The good news is that the Evil Eye can be warded off by talismans and other amulets: we don’t know how it’s caught or spread, but at least we can avoid falling prey.