The best things to do in Los Angeles – PART 1: DRIVE-INS

This season, KENZO heads up to California, Carol and Humberto’s home state. We asked Joy Yoon - author of the book “The best things to do in Los Angeles – 1001 ideas” (Universe / Rizzoli International)” - to select some surprising and unexpected addresses in Los Angeles. Our first category - “Drive-Ins” – was inspired by Hala Matar’s film “Automobile Waltz”. Start your engines and fasten your seatbelt. We are on our way to visit the last real Drive-in at Vineland Drive-in.


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If you’re expecting spic and span and HD, you’re in the wrong place. The Vineland Drive-In in the City of Industry is the last Drive-In left in Los Angeles. So expect run down, expect sketchy bathrooms and mediocre snacks, and expect to have an experience people rarely have: a cheap movie from the comforts of your car. And if you’re going to stay for a double feature, be sure to stretch between film; it’s amazing how difficult it is to drive home with a numb butt. For parents who can’t find a babysitter but still want to watch a movie, this might be your saving grace. Bring your kids-they can’t embarrass you too much from the confines of your car.


From the book “The best things to do in Los Angeles – 1001 ideas”, by Joy Yoon (Universe / Rizzoli International).


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