Our second address for the MUSIC category would definetly be Amoeba, the world's largest independant store in Los Angeles.

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Stepping into Amoeba is a lot like visiting L.A.: it’s crowded and vast. You look out onto a sea of people and find the scene so daunting at first you’re not sure what you’ve gotten yourself into. But once you get past the initial shock, you’ll discover that the real joy of coming to Amoeba is in its hidden pleasures. Saddle up next to the Goths and the Hippie rockers, the Jazz and Hip Hop heads, and start digging through acres of bins. With the largest collection of vinyl in town, you can easily spend a day just exploring. As you stumble across interesting finds you may want more information: the large and well informed staff is more than happy to help. Come looking for nothing and expect to find everything. Don’t forget to check the in-store calendar to see what big names will be gracing the Amoeba stage for a free show. From Paul McCartney to DJ UNKLE sets; from Cut Chemist and Elijah Wood (yes Sauron, even Frodo has performed here), to poets and comedians; signings by Guillermo del Toro, movie casts, and more-at one point or another, they’ll all pass through Amoeba’s doors. All free, all ages. Sign up for the Amoeba Music Newsletter for upcoming live shows.


From the book 'The best things to do in Los Angeles – 1001 ideas', by Joy Yoon (Universe / Rizzoli International).


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6400 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. 323-245-6400