This season, KENZO heads out to California, Carol and Humberto’s home state. We asked Joy Yoon - author of the book 'The best things to do in Los Angeles – 1001 ideas' (Universe / Rizzoli International) - to select some surprising and unexpected addresses in Los Angeles. Our seventh installment of the series is views. To wind up the tour, climb to the roof observatory of the Griffith Observatory for a nightime view to take your breath away. 

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Roof Observation Deck of the Griffith Observatory...

The observatory has been mentioned several times already in this book, but there’s a reason for it. It just fits so many criteria of what you want to find in this city –one of those perfect places. A perfect place to visit almost any time, you really haven’t seen L.A. till you’ve seen it from here at night. Open till 10 p.m. almost every night, not only does the Roof Observation Deck provide breathtaking view of the city with its twinkling lights, it’s also the perfect excuse to leave your jacket in the car and cuddle in close on those cold nights. And if you’re looking to impress someone with your knowledge of constellations, here are few basics: the Big Dipper, due North, is most visible during the spring, and Polaris is the North Star. In autumn look for fours star that form a square, the top left star is part of Andromeda and the other three are part of Pegasus.


2800 East Observatory Avenue, Los Angeles.  Entry gates into Griffith Park close at 10 p.m. so enter anytime beforehand if you’re planning a night under the stars. 213-473-0800

From the book 'The best things to do in Los Angeles – 1001 ideas', by Joy Yoon (Universe / Rizzoli International).


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