Beware "the watchful eyes of Argus" at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

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This season, KENZO heads out to CaliforniaCarol and Humberto’s home state. We asked Joy Yoon - author of the book 'The best things to do in Los Angeles – 1001 ideas' (Universe / Rizzoli International) - to select some surprising and unexpected addresses in Los Angeles. Our ninth installment of the series is gardens, little known but yet amazing!

This 127-acre arboretum might be smaller than the Huntington Library’s Botanical Gardens, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find any less of an array of things to do and view. Opened in 1956 on land jointly purchased by California and Los Angeles around Lucky Baldwin’s original development site of the modern-day Arcadia, the arboretum is home to exotic towering trees, a turtle-filled lake, the Queen Anne House (an ornately decorated and reportedly haunted Victorian gem), a waterfall, a “house” made of interwined branches, and vegetation from all over the world.

301 North Baldwin Avenue à Arcadia 626-821-3222

Did you know? : According to Greek Mythology, the eyes on a peacick's tail come from Argus, Hera's watchful servant. With one hundred eyes that were always on alert, he was in charge of guarding Zeus' lover Io. In order to free Io, Zeus ordered Hermes to kill Argus. He put his eyes to sleep and then slew him with a rock. Hera took, Argus's eyes and placed them upon the peacock's feather in his memory.