Book Corner #1: Chaos Theory of Violence and Silence

The book corner section highlights the most original aspects of this season's themes, through works selected from our KENZO boutiques and reviewed by Angelo Cirimele. To kick off the launch of the Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter 2014 collections, Angelo's pick of the week is 'Chaos Theory of Violence and Silence', the catalogue of the 2013 David Lynch exhibition at the Aomori Museum of Art in Japan. The oeuvre of David Lynch was the core inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2014 collections, and the director himself collaborated with Carol and Humberto on the typically offbeat and eerie set and soundtrack for the women's show. 

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I never really knew what to make of the concept of the “complete artist” or the eclectic genius  -  someone able to manipulate many narrative and visual forms.  However David Lynch has transcended whatever doubts I had.  Born as a filmmaker whose stories flirted with fantasy, he was one of the trailblazing directors whose work in television was the blueprint for the contemporary modern explosion of innovative, groundbreaking, and creative shows.  This catalogue of a David Lynch exhibition contains paintings, set designs, and of course the obligatory evil looking snowmen!  What we see is how the apparently chaotic pieces and designs all sit together in harmony.  Fantasy tinged with reality, backgrounds composed like film sets, the fine lines between glamour and monstrosity, which are imbued in all of Lynch’s work.  It’s the power of this universe he creates that was the inspiration for Carol and Humberto’s latest collection.

'Chaos theory of violence and silence', David Lynch, 2012, 136 p. Ed. Akaaka.
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