Book Corner #1: Rewilding

This season, Carol and Humberto used their very own vision of Californiatheir home state, as the inspiration for the collections. We will explore through their eyes this wild state lined by the ocean, its countercultures and underground movements from the Orange County punk scene to the rap scene of South Los Angeles, its distinctive food from local farms as well as the one inspired by Mexico... The Book Corner section will highlight its most orginal cultural aspects. 

This week, Angelo Cirimele picked the book 'Rewilding' by Cass Bird.

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"It was the title, rather than the cover photo, that made me open this book: Rewilding, a word that has no translation in French, but that immediately conveys the concept of the book. Photographer Cass Bird takes some female friends and acquaintances – chosen for their energy, spirit and spontaneity – far away from everything, to Tennessee. There: water, sun, bodies, nudity, movement... Cassie Bird captures moments (or prompts them?) that are the pure present, the here and now. The frequent nudity showcased is not erotic, merely “natural” and the ambiance of the book is that of a small world alongside ours, a preserved spacetime of codes and conventions – to the extent that there, the young women pee standing up."

"Rewilding", Cass Bird, 2012, 88 p. Ed. Damiani, Italy.
Kenzo - 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.