Although we are familiar with the photography of Helmut Newton, 'Sleepless Nights' is a rare book. It contains images taken between 1975 and 1978, mainly for Vogue Paris and Playboy. 

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As always with Newton, the model does not become detached from the white studio background but exists in a life that is real or a fantasy, raw or stylized. Organized in chapters, the book is a mixture of women and cities, natural and in situations, even playing with splints, neck braces and other prosthetic devices that restrain the body - naked of course - in the manner of J.G.  Ballard in Crash. It travels through references, from painting to the cinema, from sensuality to S&M, but never involves itself with vulgarity or the gratuitous. One more thing: today, we would dream about such a balancing act, which could be perceived as something from Vogue, or just as easily from Playboy.

'Sleepless Nights' by Helmut Newton, edited by Quartet, 1978, 152 pg.
Kenzo, 49, avenue George V, Paris.

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