Book Corner #13: KENZINE issue 2

KENZINE issue two is now available to buy in KENZO boutiques! The limited edition magazine is a collaboration with our friends at TOILETPAPER and features all the KENZO Spring/Summer 2014 campaign images, along with some exclusive new TOILETPAPER fantasies. We asked our book corner columnist Angelo Cirimele to give us his thoughts on KENZINE issue 2. 

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Kenzine vol. 2

“This season, I found the images created by Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Micol Talso for the KENZO campaign first surprising, then amusing. It was a signature style of TOILETPAPER magazine, a publication that collects their rather poetic images in collages or superimposed into unexpected associations. That’s exactly why these artists are so original: their work creates astonishment, whether it’s with a cat wearing a tie or its head coming out of a shoe… This second issue of KENZINE of images from the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign (its circulation limited to numbered 2000 copies) is like an extension of TOILETPAPER: each image tells a story and is often beyond a sense of time and space (and beyond reality as well). What’s striking with Cattelan and Ferrari’s approach is that they apply the same strong artistic style no matter whether they are working on an exhibition, a book, or a campaign for KENZO: a plain technicolor (or spaghetti-spattered!) background, the object is there in the middle of the picture, yet there is often an unexpected twist. Indeed, when was the last time we saw matches photographed this way?”

Kenzine vol. 2, 2014, 44 p. Ed. Damiani.

KENZO - 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.