What do artists and geographers have in common? Nothing obvious on the face of it. And yet, maps and land have the same relationship as reality and a representation of reality: it can remain faithful or be subtly evocative, be literal or poetic, fictional or documentary. 

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Artists, and not only those belonging to the land art movement, have used maps as a rule of the game to circumvent, move, offset, etc. Image or object, printed on clothing or as a clothing component, the map represents diversity, contained, however, within a single plane. Uses range from space technology to the fabric ribbon stretched across land to mark a border, from the 3D to bits of wood. "The Map as Art" is a collection of maps, like an atlas of the universal and the particular, a series of drawings of objects to tell us something which we had not seen for ourselves.


"The Map as Art", by Katharine Harmon, edited by Princeton Architectural Press, 2009, 256 pg.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.