Book Corner #15: 'Lay of my Land' by Andrea Zittel

The book corner section highlights the most original aspects of Californian culture all summer long, through works selected from our KENZO boutiques and reviewed by Angelo Cirimele. Andrea Zittel is an American installation and social practice artist preoccupied with human adaptability and self-sufficiency, manifested in her experiments in building functional “living systems”. Lay of My Land, Angelo’s pick of the week, documents and reflects on these experiments, called A-Z West and located in the California desert.

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Lay of My Land

California is not just about sea, surf, Hollywood and highways.  It’s also about desert.  Yes, to you and I desert might be synonymous with the idea of flat empty expanse between where we’ve been and where we’re going, but to artists that is not always the case.  Andrea Zittel has been channeling her creativity for a decade now whilst living in the Joshua Tree desert, designing and building unique living modules that are practical but minimalist, and offer an insight into her thoughts on community and modern life in the U.S.; on the freedom the desert offers, and most importantly what the desert expects in return.  Zittel and her work demand that we discover another California.

Lay of My Land, Andrea Zittel, 2011, 160 p. Ed. Prestel.

KENZO – 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.