Legends are all about the ephemeral, what can only be grasped in memory, what can be aggrandised at leisure. So it is with Studio 54, the New York club that had the brilliant idea of taking on disco and inviting a number of celebrities. 

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The result, which people are still dreaming about 40 years later, plunges us into the black and white images of smiling characters with no cares about tomorrow. There was no skimping on costumes and the festivities seemed to be experienced like a ceremony that demanded a ritual of preparation. The beautiful people and nobodies, ray bans and cigarettes, topless bodies and champagne by the bottle… glances and attitudes that were redolent of sex. The images, often in black and white – so much more fertile for the imagination – are a far cry from paparazzi shots and the studied poses of today’s sponsored events; these are photos of parties amongst friends. Or social reporting long before Facebook had been imagined.



Studio 54 The Legend, Felice Quinto, 1997, 144 p. Ed. te Neues publishing.
Kenzo, 49, avenue George V, Paris.