We like simple books… because they are never that simple. 300 pages of hats worn in the streets of Tokyo, this could be a collection like any other. 

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It reminds us of the sites of street style that document above all the people who attend fashion weeks and who are hardly ever seen in the street. And then we get lost in the gallery of characters, often young and with a studied look, who proudly or timidly sport their headgear, rivalling each other for materials, shapes and colours. Then we discover this little diagram under each portrait: the drawing of the hat that is worn, like a classification, which you will find developed at the end of the book. And at that point, a universe opens up: the turban, the military kepi, the Greek sailor’s cap, the top hat, the bowler hat… not to mention the Tyrolian, the pompom and the peaked cap. Retrospectively, it means that the choice of images has also obeyed a rigorous documentation of the accessory, which almost makes the book indispensable…




Hats on the Streets of Tokyo, Schlomit Yaish, 2011, 294 p. Ed. MCCM Creations.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.