BOOK CORNER #2: "Technical and realistic illustrations of Japan"

Technical and realistic illustrations of Japan

You may have noticed that there is "Technical" in the title, but this doesn't just mean airplanes, high speed trains or VHS tapes; there are also fish, planets and characters from science fiction.
The book is a picture book, a sort of mood board, but also a world full of imagination. It depicts Japan as we always imagined it when we were children, with the added bonus of some Western items that they have adopted for their design, originality and eccentricity.

Naturally, we have opted for the original Japanese version, since the information is primarily visual.
Although we enjoy getting lost in the collection of vintage items, a tribute to this colorful pop culture reference, the style of the illustrations forms the main focus of the book, be they technical or expressive, with clean lines or realistic colors, in an engineering style or that of a sci-fi comic.

"Technical and realistic illustrations of Japan", 160 pg., Ed. Graphic-sha Pub. Co. (Tokyo), 1981.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris

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