Andreas Züst gazes up at the heavens with a methodical zeal and poetic sensibility that are light years away from idle daydreaming. Züst is a Swiss collector, artist and scientist who documented the sky from the 1970s to the 2000s in some 1,200 slides, noting the location (mainly Switzerland) and angle of every shot. A Kodak Carousel slideshow of 81 of these slides was exhibited in art galleries accompanied by a commentary that was anything but scientific. Images include a full moon over a snow-covered landscape, light spectra, the ephemeral glow of daybreak, clouds, circles of light, stars, lightning, urban skyglow and rainbows – a whole host of optical and meteorological phenomena. For a volume dedicated to something so familiar, this book arrests the reader’s gaze with an eye-opening variety of situations. You’ll never look at the sky the same way again.



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"Himmel", Andreas Züst, 2011, 352 pp. Published by Patrick Frey.
Kenzo, 60 rue de Rennes, Paris.