BOOK CORNER #3: 'Sand Sea Sky, Tria Giovan'

The book corner section will highlight the most original aspects of Californian culture all summer long, through works selected and commented by Angelo Cirimele. This week, he picked a book about our favourite 3 's' of the summer: sand, sea and sky!

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It is striking, it is infinite, it is always unique and the light has endless variations. My eyes were glued to Tria Giovan’s images, like a movie screen, when you already know the story but just can’t seem to tear your eyes away until the very end. The (non) action takes place on the beaches of Sagaponack (NY), the actors are revealed in the title: the beach, water, sky and from there, nothing goes as planned. Calm or storm, the clouds, foam, twilight... we especially feel the time spent not watching for the right wave, but dealing with the elements. Tria Giovan is also known for her portraits and interior design photography – but we prefer the sea.



'Sand Sea Sky, Tria Giovan', 2011, 84 p. Ed. Damiani, Italy.
Kenzo - 60, rue de Rennes, Paris