BOOK CORNER #4: "Street Style – British design in the 80's"

This week, we cross the sea to go to England and explore the British design of the 80's.




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The explosion of punk in London at the end of the 70's was not just a musical phenomenon. The shockwave caused an upheaval in all the creative fields: things would just never be the same again after the Sex Pistols. This well-structured, well-illustrated book describes pre-punk society, the decorous, conventional 50's, when life revolved around the family and the values of hard work and effort. That is, until punk arrived on the scene and started to really shake things up…


Fashion, graphic design, journalism, interior decorating… the 80's were a call back to the revolutionary 60's, with prominent figures such as Vivienne Westwood, Peter Saville and Terry Jones. Surprisingly, we are now beginning to consider the 80's as just another episode in history, a not-too-distant past that nonetheless only shares a distant kinship with the current style. Just long enough ago, it seems, to be on its way back in!

"Street Style – British design in the 80's", 144 p., Ed. The Design Council (London), 1987.

Kenzo, 27, place de la Madeleine, Paris.

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