Book corner #5: 'David Hockney' by David Hockney

The book corner section highlights the most original aspects of Californian culture all summer long, through works selected and commented by Angelo Cirimele. This week, he picked the autobiography of English painter David Hockney, who spent four years living in California in the 1960s. Upon arriving in the 'golden state', he decided to change from his ususal oils to more vivid acrylic paints, applying them in strokes of smooth, flat and brilliant colour.

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“I don’t read many biographies; I find that more often than not the works are more interesting than the actual life of the individual behind them. That being said, artists sometimes reinvent the genre. Enter David Hockey, who through telling the stories behind the works that he has created, succeeds in revealing his own story. The English painter painted his famous series of swimming pools in Los Angeles upon taking the advice of friend Andy Warhol. While his approach is classical, Hockney has a decisively contemporary flare because he uses the effect of photography to influence his paintings. His images, by their colors and framing, are strangely cinematographic. Written in the first person, this book of paintings and drawings tells us as much about art as it does about the man behind it.”

'David Hockney' by David Hockney, 1976, 312 p. Ed. Thames & Hudson.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.