Have you ever wondered what was happening 30 years ago (in fashion, of course)? Much has changed, but some things remain: Azzedine, Karl, Giorgio and Issey... While today we speak in terms of seasons and trends, in 1983, you could produce an annual book about the catwalks of Paris, New York, London and Milan, complete with texts, including one by a young Suzy Menk├Ęs.

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The young designers were Gaultier, Montana, Mugler; the princess of the time was Diana and we all wore sweatshirts. The layout of this "Fashion Year" is kitsch, but full of an energy that reflects the time. The models look like women, their expressions alternating between teasing, laughter, and provocation; catwalk shows are not as polished as today, which leaves room for touches of spontaneity. And then there are the models, complete with hair and make-up, taking us back in time, right to the beginnings of the music video. Finally, this "Fashion Year" ends with a chapter on "horrors" which, over 8 pages, presents and describes the year's 25 most impossible looks. Worth remembering, right?

"The Fashion Year", edited by Brenda Polan, 1983, 192 pages, Zomba books
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.