Book Corner #7 : "Kids"

For this week's Book Corner section, Angelo Cirimele chose to re-read the screenplay of Larry Clark's movie KIDS (1995). The-book-of-the-film is more than that too: it plunges us back into the consuming story of this cult film, thanks to an accompanying series of polaroid pictures. KIDS was to be a defining moment in cinema, and our first introduction to Chloë Sevigny; now a friend of KENZO and jury member for the fashion competition of the 2014 Hyères Festival presided over by our own creative directors, Carol and Humberto.

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'What truly leaves a lasting impression on me when I see a film are strong images, striking one-liners and palpable tones. I saw Kids by Larry Clark (1995) nearly 20 years ago and for me, like everybody else, it was a true wake-up call. Simple, raw, genuine and intense. It left the viewer with a vague sense that the film was merely a precursor, that one day we would see these young and fresh faces again, like those of Chloé Sevigny or Leo Fitzpatrick. Through dialogue and images, and sometimes a clip or sequence, this film totally immerses us in the moment and story like a childhood picture book that we once eagerly leafed through, utterly lost in thought and fanciful daydreaming. The very documentary-like style of the images sometimes gives the impression of being inside a scrapbook - a collection of memories and common or familiar situations. While this film is nothing more than a work of fiction, it’s quite impressive when a movie is able to stir up this much emotion…'

'Kids', Larry Clark, 1995, 160 p. Ed. Groove Press.
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