At first glance, Nigel Peake’s drawing is very poetic, tender and ingenuous. Its accumulation of lines, often juxtaposed in pastel shading, presents a soothed reality. The Irish illustrator lives in the countryside and has become very sensitive to nature, both plant and animal.

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But Nigel Peake is also a young architect (in his thirties) and his work reveals an attraction to vernacular architecture, that is DIY, suited to the times, in a word: humanized. Its characteristic trait and its color palette (blues, greens and oranges) have piqued the curiosity of design brands and magazines, a curiosity that has been transformed into orders for press illustrations or patterns for furnishings. "In the Wilds" is a walk in the country, where we find birds, leaves and tree trunks as well as warehouses, houses, bridges and roads; in short, a sort of Sunday stroll in the serenity of the forest. And when we have returned home, we can consult his blog, the photographic side of his drawings and observations:


"In The Wilds", by Nigel Peake, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2011, 136 p.
Kenzo, 49, avenue George V, Paris.


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