BOOK CORNER: "Branded Youth and other stories" by BRUCE WEBER

Our Book Corner at Kenzo rue de Rennes just received a brand new selection.

Bruce Weber's "Branded Youth and other stories" is our first choice for the weekly Book Corner on the blog.

What is it?

This primarily black and white picture book is the catalog of an exhibition by the photographer Bruce Weber at the National Portrait Gallery (London) in 1997.

Anything else?

Under the surface, Branded Youth retraces the steps that "make" a man: everything from boy scouts to male camaraderie, passing through the rebellious adolescence.


It never cheats, nor does it pretend. Unknown individuals and big movie stars alike drop their guard to deliver a moment of sincerity. Whether it's a game by the lake or fighting wrestlers; a boy scout or a farmer; Bruce Weber adopts the same angle, getting on the same level with them but never directly facing his subjects.

Bruce Weber is a fashion photographer... but it never seems like fashion. You always feel as though you are looking at a story that began before the picture was taken, and that story will continue afterwards.


"Branded Youth and other stories" Bruce Weber, 288 pg., Ed. Bulfinch, 1997.
Kenzo rue de Rennes, 60, rue de Rennes, 75006

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