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Goats all have something in common: they are rather nice and creative. But there are five categories of goats and they are all linked to an element. If you are born under the sign of the year, here's a chance to know more about your lunar profile.


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If you are born in 1991, you are... A Gold goat.
You build your own career step by step and sometimes you can be stubborn. But despite your ambition, you’re kind-hearted. Your chance comes and goes so if you are lucky this year, save money for when it will rain.

If you are born in 2003, you are... A Water goat.
You could sacrifice your own interests for others and you're such a great friend that your generosity could lose you. Your carrier should turn your life into something better and better with time and in parallel, love will never leave you.


If you are born in 1955, you are... A Wood goat.
You're always here to help but you might turn into a control freak, doing everything by yourself. You're a solitary person and you often live alone or feel lonely even if you share your life with someone you love, leaving very little room for a third person.


If you are born in 1967, you are... A Fire goat.
You're a very honest and transparent person and your abilty to tell the truth can sometimes make things difficult with some people. Most of the time, people like you matter and you are surrounded by a lot of friends. You are very sentimental and you need an independent person to take care of yourself. You also become a better version of yourself with time, taking other people's advice into consideration.


If you are born in 1979, you are... An Earth goat.
You are very straightforward and will never harm a friend. You can manage any difficulty at work because you always receive unexpected support in the end. You follow your feelings too much and do not have a very rational mind so be careful when it gets to heavy financial investments.

Yesterday, the 21th Sidaction dinner took place in Paris and Carol and Humberto invited their friends to support the fight against AIDS. Blogger Susie Bubble, French singers Yelle and Christine and the Queens, fashion writer Derek Blasberg, Lauren Santo Domingo (co-founder of online retail store Moda Operandi), designer Tory Birch and Pierre-Yves Roussel, chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion group, all answered the call and joined the cause.

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It is a tradition at KENZO to always have a little souvenir for our guests at the shows. This time, Carol ad Humberto conceived an aromatic mix for a tea called KENZO "phone home" as reference to the futuristic dimension of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection



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Inside, you'll find a list of unusual ingredients like Zhejiang Chunmee, Lapacho, Ginko Biloba, Cocoa Nibs or Sobacha but the result is -on the opposite- very expected: delicious!

Perfect for cold mornings.

Try this at home.

Once again our friends and families were in Philarmonie de Paris to support us and the Fall/Winter men's collection!

Discover our best shots of Caroline Issa, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Catelan, Kenzo Takada, Sarah Endelman, Edison Chen, Verbal and Yoon!

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A little backstage tour with our favourite make up artist Aaron de Mey and hair desser Anthony Turner preparing our models for the show!

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Once again our friends supported KENZO yesterday morning at the freshly inaugurated Philarmonie de Paris where Carol Lim and Humberto Leon presented their Fall/Winter 2015 men's show for KENZO. Joining their teams of the season in fun duels, they carried OUI vs NON signs or supported the Eiffel Tower vs the Statue of Liberty, showing love to Paris or New York, a perfect illustration of our Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

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The show was held in the freshly inaugurated Philarmonie de Paris, architect Jean Nouvel’s jagged almuninum starship concert hall on the city’s northeastern edge in the Parc de la Villette cultural center. For the Fall/Winter 2015 menswear collection, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon mixed technical fabrics and urban sport shape layering in an earthy rainbow of colors shot with flashes of fluorescent orange and silver.



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Hybrid combinations of tailoring and sport characterize this collection. The reefer slim coat with hood in military olive tech fabric shaped with black piping and patch pocket sleeves that opened the show is a case in point; it looks like a wet suit transformed into urbanwear. Sleeve cuffs with thumb holes, a functional detail taken from motorcycle racing jackets, show throughout the on coats, jackets and sweaters. Slim trousers in military olive or burgundy tech fabric are topped by great tunic sweaters in multicolor space dye knits or spliced, ikat-style stripes with thumb holes cuffs. Underneath the layered olive outerwear there’s fluorescent orange and black acid wash style jean jackets and stovepipe jeans.


Pattern runs throughout this collection on great satin parka coats spliced with black bands, in all over chalk on blackboard style doodles and big, fuzzy block lettering on knits and complex tech pattern intarsias. These patterns are piled one on top of another in jackets, sweaters and shirts in a seemingly haphazard fashion that creates a choatic symphony of color and form.



Jumpsuits are roomy styled like outerwear blousons with contrast colored yokes, or in chaotic pattern knit.  And there’s is a psychedelic feeling in tie-dye splatter-colored fur, which shows up in collars on satin tech blousons and allover in one scoop-neck jacket.


Everything in this collection is designed to be layered and the piled-on look is accentuated with trompe-l’œil blouson-over-coat  and multiple stripey sleeve constructions, which bring a muted rainbow of color to each look.


Bonded crinkled silver tech fabric  with fluorescent orange satin for big jackets gives a cartoon super hero drama to big anoraks and big parkas. And contrast-colored oversized stitching shows throughout on sweater stripes and bicolored leather sneakers as though the clothes have been taken apart and roughly stitched back together.

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This morning, for the Fall/Winter 2015 men's show, we had the chance to organize the first private event of the freshly inaugurated Philarmonie de Paris. The project completes the Cité de la musique and together they give birth to the biggest musical hub in Paris.


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The Philharmonie de Paris is a new cultural space with a futuristic look and feel dedicated to symphonic music. Conceived by French architect Jean Nouvel, the unusual building with a golden dome gives a wonderful panorama on Paris, an invitation for a unique moment of cultural creativity and sharing.


Its main room mixing architecture, acoustic and scenography is impressive. When entering the space, one discovers a flexible and aerial concert room with suspended seats. In the center, musicians are surrounded by the audience.

But the experience at the Philharmonie de Paris goes further with visitors who are invited to take the project over and create their own path of musical discovery. Beyond the 270 concerts that are planned for the beginning of the season, participative activities like musical weekends or skills development workshops are available for a customized immersion.


And maybe it is this mission of classical music vulgurization that we liked the most. Doors of symphonic music are now wide open. With attractive rates, frequent perfomances, fun family activities, everything was done to attract eclectic audiences. Starting next March, the galery will welcome a temporary show on David Bowie. The Philharmonie does stand for a certain modernity.

With this new building, Paris now has the musical hub it deserved. By seting up our Fall/Winter 2015 men's show in this environment we wanted to remind that the KENZO tribe goes way beyond the fashion sphere. That the brand necessarly includes a lifestyle dimension, gathering cinema, contemporary art, food and of course music with fashion. That this space and KENZO share a similar audience: people from different generations having in common a limitless sense of curiosity.



Photo credits:

Image 2: Phiharmonie de Paris - Vue depuis la Porte de Pantin © Guy Montagu-Pollock

Images 3 and 4 © William Beaucardet

last image: Vue sur le Parc de la Villette depuis la Philharmonie © Beaucardet



For the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon explore the legacy of a tribe, individuality as a community and the celebration of a following. The collection is a new chapter to the ethnic collections by Kenzo Takada, and their campaigns shot by Hans Feurer.

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The collection is founded on hieroglyphics, cult symbols and spiritual signs and gives you the opportunity to travel in a world that looks very much like ours: the tribal one. In those groups, each one fulfills one’s own destiny, but everyone stand for one single idea: community. Same thing here with our collection: each silhouette is unique but the general harmony creates homogeneity. Like all those tribes standing united and fighting against the outside world, the collection invites you to think about the necessity of gathering and looking forward, toward a bright future.

The ‘tribe’ concept matches with the ideas of ‘family’, of ‘intimate cocoon’ and the need of protection. The orange wool Melton trench coat that has a blanket stitch finishing seems to be comforting.

Following up with this idea of protection, some technical pieces bring the nineties and their now cult sci-fi movies and comics to our minds. They come with new materials, innovative patterns, faux-fur or a brand new camo print.

Militaria also brings back the sixties and seventies, with pop colours, very feminine materials and psychedelic patterns. Exaggerated bombers in duchesse satin and down parkas with colored fur trims provide warmth over traditional draping and cut lines and panels on tops and dresses. And the multi-coloured coat is a New Age reference, a time questioning relationships between people with the hope that it would make the world change.

If the collection is once again a thought on the future, it is still a positive and warm vision that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon give us next season: all standing together in hand painted sheepskin coats and fur clogs!
To see the full collection, please click here

KENZO wishes you a happy 2015 full of energy, light and optimism!

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