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For this week's Book Corner section, Angelo Cirimele chose to re-read the screenplay of Larry Clark's movie KIDS (1995). The-book-of-the-film is more than that too: it plunges us back into the consuming story of this cult film, thanks to an accompanying series of polaroid pictures. KIDS was to be a defining moment in cinema, and our first introduction to Chloë Sevigny; now a friend of KENZO and jury member for the fashion competition of the 2014 Hyères Festival presided over by our own creative directors, Carol and Humberto.

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'What truly leaves a lasting impression on me when I see a film are strong images, striking one-liners and palpable tones. I saw Kids by Larry Clark (1995) nearly 20 years ago and for me, like everybody else, it was a true wake-up call. Simple, raw, genuine and intense. It left the viewer with a vague sense that the film was merely a precursor, that one day we would see these young and fresh faces again, like those of Chloé Sevigny or Leo Fitzpatrick. Through dialogue and images, and sometimes a clip or sequence, this film totally immerses us in the moment and story like a childhood picture book that we once eagerly leafed through, utterly lost in thought and fanciful daydreaming. The very documentary-like style of the images sometimes gives the impression of being inside a scrapbook - a collection of memories and common or familiar situations. While this film is nothing more than a work of fiction, it’s quite impressive when a movie is able to stir up this much emotion…'

'Kids', Larry Clark, 1995, 160 p. Ed. Groove Press.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.

Catch the Wave with this key print of the season!


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The book corner section will highlight the most original aspects of Californian culture all summer long, through works selected and commented by Angelo Cirimele. This week, he picked one of the most emblematic artist of the 90s of Los Angeles: Mike Kelley.

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"What I enjoy doing at a Mike Kelley exhibit is watching people take in the installations – I confess, it's more comfortable. Still, the devices that the Los Angeles native implements, here blankets and stuffed animals, that are by all appearances harmless completely shock their audience as they can prove to be harsh or perverse. I linger over the metaphors and transpositions that can be applied to the adult world, masculinity and femininity. The public is completely thrown, caught off-guard by a tougher softness than expected. This book, published in conjunction with the exhibition, plays on angles: it juxtaposes detailed and neutral views with large, more dramatic shots, revealing the humanity behind the stuffed animals. Definitely not a children's book."

"Arenas", Mike Kelley, 2010, 44 p. Ed. Skarstedt Gallery, New York.
Kenzo - 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.

The book corner section will highlight the most original aspects of Californian culture all summer long, through works selected and commented by Angelo Cirimele. This week, he picked a book about our favourite 3 's' of the summer: sand, sea and sky!

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It is striking, it is infinite, it is always unique and the light has endless variations. My eyes were glued to Tria Giovan’s images, like a movie screen, when you already know the story but just can’t seem to tear your eyes away until the very end. The (non) action takes place on the beaches of Sagaponack (NY), the actors are revealed in the title: the beach, water, sky and from there, nothing goes as planned. Calm or storm, the clouds, foam, twilight... we especially feel the time spent not watching for the right wave, but dealing with the elements. Tria Giovan is also known for her portraits and interior design photography – but we prefer the sea.



'Sand Sea Sky, Tria Giovan', 2011, 84 p. Ed. Damiani, Italy.
Kenzo - 60, rue de Rennes, Paris

This season, Carol and Humberto used their very own vision of California, their home state, as the inspiration for the collections. The book corner section will highlight its most original cultural aspects through works selected and commented by Angelo Cirimele. This week, he chosed a free supplement of Vogue Hommes International consisting of series of Kate Moss shot by the american photographer Bruce Weber. Bruce is well known for its provocative and idealistic pictures that depict the frivolity of youth, well represented by the never aging Kate.

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"If I like style magazines to the point of dedicating a whole publication to them, it is because they sometimes transcend their disposable status to become something else, a memory of time. This is the case of the September 2006 free supplement to Vogue Hommes International dedicated to Kate Moss and photographed by Bruce Weber, who had discovered her some years before. It is as much a collection of fashion pictures as an intimate album, and the layout is sometimes child-like, compiling as many pictures as possible. Spontaneity and presence hover on every page, and the pictures ooze sincerity. This glazed paper supplement did not have any value then, it is now a collector’s item."


"Kate Moss is the girl that got away", 2006, 48 p. Supplément à Vogue Hommes International, Ed. Condé Nast.
Kenzo – 60, rue de Rennes, Paris

There are plenty of fish in the sea but this Fish shirt is our favourite this week!


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Fish is the new icon of the season and you can find it in multiple colorways, with pearled or embroidered patterns, for men and women.

KENZO is happy to announce the latest installment in its collaboration with the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE): a 'No Fish No Nothing' digital pop up store, in Paris.

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For one week only, from March 21 to 27 2014, a digital window with a giant digital aquarium offers the opportunity to join KENZO and BLUE in their fight against overfishing and development of marine reserves of our planet.

A tactile screen allows buyers to browse and buy the garments and accessories from the No Fish No Nothing line for women and for men. Each selection will give birth to a digital fish that will enrich the aquarium.
You can also support this cause and add a fish with your name by taking a photo of the store and posting it to Instagram using the hashtag # NoFishNoNothing!

NoFishNoNothing Digital Pop Up
11 rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris
From March 21 to 27
Opening hours : 7am-1am


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Discover our Square and Palm scarf here, one of our favourite print of the season and inspired by the Palm Trees of California.


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The collection of Spring/Summer scarves is punctuated by fresh, cool summer colors of bubblegum, red, cement grey, peach and pool blue and prints of hand painted palm trees and painters flowers.

This season, Carol and Humberto used their very own vision of Californiatheir home state, as the inspiration for the collections. We will explore through their eyes this wild state lined by the ocean, its countercultures and underground movements from the Orange County punk scene to the rap scene of South Los Angeles, its distinctive food from local farms as well as the one inspired by Mexico... The Book Corner section will highlight its most orginal cultural aspects. 

This week, Angelo Cirimele picked the book 'Rewilding' by Cass Bird.

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"It was the title, rather than the cover photo, that made me open this book: Rewilding, a word that has no translation in French, but that immediately conveys the concept of the book. Photographer Cass Bird takes some female friends and acquaintances – chosen for their energy, spirit and spontaneity – far away from everything, to Tennessee. There: water, sun, bodies, nudity, movement... Cassie Bird captures moments (or prompts them?) that are the pure present, the here and now. The frequent nudity showcased is not erotic, merely “natural” and the ambiance of the book is that of a small world alongside ours, a preserved spacetime of codes and conventions – to the extent that there, the young women pee standing up."

"Rewilding", Cass Bird, 2012, 88 p. Ed. Damiani, Italy.
Kenzo - 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.

KENZO and NEW ERA team up again this season and we are happy to reveal the Resort 2014 edition of our collaboration. All caps will be available today at the e-shop. Click here for women and here for men!

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All images and gifs by Jess Bonham. Set: Anna Lomax