Freddy Rodriguez is a New York based menswear editor whose blog Blue Perk, with daily accounts of his exciting life in the city, cool and chic outfits and always acute style advice, is one of our favourite. For the launch of our Clouds collection, we asked Freddy to share his personal favourite spots where to enjoy the sky in New York...

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No matter what time of day, I always catch myself looking up at the sky and admiring the clouds. Either I stop for an Instagram, or I just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is always above me. While living in New York I am constantly capturing clouds in different environments, making each time a unique experience. Here are some of my shots I’ve taken throughout the city from high above on rooftops and below on the street.

1. Located in the heart of Astor Place right next to St. Marks, a place that I come often for cheap food, unique accessories, and weekly yoga. The clouds in this image contrasting against the mirrored building were an instant attraction during my a beautiful Spring day.


2. Right next to my apartment I run the Williamsburg Bridge and am always able to loose myself in the clouds above me. They help me loose myself during my run and create a new level of serenity.

3. The high line is one of my favorite parks in the city, second to Central Park. Not only is this park built on an abandoned railroad tracks used during New York’s more industrial days. There is also phenomenal architecture along the 30 block walk, and if you go at the right time you can get lost in the clouds during a cool Spring, Summer, or fall day.

4.  Going uptown is rare for me, but when I do, going to the top of the MET is a must! The view over Central Park is one of a kind, and the clouds contrasting against the greenery and skyscrapers almost make you forget where you’re at. An illusion of peace below you, until you hear the cab honking his horn.

5. The rooftop at the Mondrian Hotel known as Soaked is honestly my favorite place to absorb the clouds and amazing city below. I feel on-top of the world, but still have an extra layer of clouds above me that bring me down to earth.

6. Midtown isn’t my favorite place in New York, but when you look up in an angle the clouds really give the neighborhood an inverted perspective. Making me imagine how our world would be if clouds were below us, and building were above us coming down at us.

7. Belvedere Castle has the second best views of Central Park, allowing a beautiful sunset filled with clouds and a different side of New York. One that doesn’t seem so polluted and creates an escape.

8. Low laying clouds are my favorite! While visiting the Freedom Tower, I was lucky enough to be there just as soon to be the tallest building in New York was one with the clouds.

9. Another part of the High Line is that you can capture so many different pieces of the city. From looking straight across 23rd street to looking over the west side piers along side the clouds.

10. Lastly are the clouds I am able to enjoy from my rooftop in the Lower East Side. A place I often go to clear my mind, have parties, and sometimes tan on my tar beach. A home with a view and location I wouldn’t give up!


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