Display windows are turned into abstract landscapes with simple geometric shapes that recall the clean lines, prints, colors and dark forms neatly cut from the 2013 Fall-Winter collection.

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Circles are juxtaposed to angular lines, shapes and stencil-shapes converse, shiny and matte surfaces intertwine. The contrast of these elements across several planes creates a dynamic structure, taking us on a journey through constructivist thought.

From this point emerges a feeling of almost mechanical, industrial movement, reinforced by the presence of nuts and bolts.

Reversible, modular elements allow the setting to evolve, introducing new patterns and colors that we are invited to discover throughout the season.

Today, the season opens with the “Day Clouds” print, the initial take on these new window displays.

By the end of the year, the clouds will give way to three other window displays, which we cannot wait to see.