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Food has always been part of the KENZO lifestyle so it was important for us to combine this passion and our fight against overfishing.

Our third KENZO sustainable recipe is by François Pasteau, chef of L'Epi Dupin. Here is a pollock émietté with herbs and apple.

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- 150g pollock (fillet)
- 50g sliced shallots
- 50g almonds chopped into fine sticks
- 10g finely diced ginger
- 1 small garlic clove
- ½ lime
- ½ lemon
- 5 leaves tarragon
- 5 leaves mint
- 2 apples
- curry as desired
- 50g butter
- 100g salsola 



Bake the pollock in the oven with olive oil.
Break it up with the back of a fork. Set it aside in a bowl.
Roast the almond sticks in the oven.
Slice the shallot finely and sweat them in butter.
Add the shallots to the pollock and set it aside to cool.
Finely dice the ginger.

Chop the tarragon, the mint and the cilantro. Grate the lemon zest.
Peel and cut the apple into quarters. Cook them in butter and add the curry at the end. Set it aside to cool.
In a bowl, stir the pollock, the shallots, the ginger, the almonds, the lemon juice and the fresh herbs together.


Using an 8 cm cooking ring, place the apples at the bottom and the fish preparation on top. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 180°.

Arrange the preparation in the middle of a plate and serve with lamb’s lettuce. Serve lukewarm.


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Food has always been part of the KENZO lifestyle so it was important for us to combine this passion and our fight against overfishing. We wanted to provide sustainable fish recipes and in order to get a meaningful result, we asked famous French chefs whose work has been guided by this issue. Our first KENZO sustainable recipe by François Pasteau - chef of L'Epi du Pin - is the herb-crusted grey mullet fillet with a citrus vinaigrette and dried fruits.

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-         150 g grey mullet (fillet)
-          4 leeks
-         25 cl buttermilk

-         dried fruits:
-         25 g hazelnuts
-         25 g dried apricots
-         25 g butter

citrus vinaigrette:
-         3 oranges
-         ½ lime
-         ½ lemon
-         5 cl balsamic vinegar
-         10 cl olive oil
-         1 star anise
-         1 small cinnamon stick

herb crust:
-         50g fine dry breadcrumbs
-         1 bunch cilantro (coriander)
-         1egg


Trim the fish into 4 nice fillets and set them aside in the fridge.

Slice the leeks thinly, wash them then blanch them into salted boiling water.
Once the leeks are cooked to a crisp tender stage, transfer them to a bowl of cold water. Empty the cooled leeks into a colander to drain. Squeeze all the water out.

Citrus vinaigrette:
Grate the zest of the oranges, the lime and the lemon.
Squeeze the citrus fruits and combine the juice, the zests, the cinnamon and the star anise into a saucepan. Reduce on a low heat until syrupy.
Let it cool, then add the balsamic vinegar and the olive oil.

Herb crust:
Wash the cilantro (coriander) and chop it roughly before putting it in a food processor with the fine breadcrumbs

Cooking directions:
Beat the egg.
Dip only one side of the fillet into the beaten egg and into the herb and breadcrumbs mixture.
Heat up 5cl of olive oil in a frying pan. Place the fillet in the pan and cook on one side only.
Heat up the leeks in the buttermilk.

Serve the fillet and the leeks with the dried fruits and the citrus vinaigrette.


François  Pasteau
11  rue  Dupin
75006  PARIS


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