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Catch the Wave with this key print of the season!


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And now, KENZO and TOILETPAPER invite you to take a peek behind-the-scenes of the shoot of the KENZO Kids Spring/Summer 2014 campaign and meet our 'star models'!

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Find the KENZO KIDS collection here.

We guarantee to put a smile on your face this Friday with the launch of the KENZO Kids campaign for Spring/Summer 2014 ! Let KENZO and the TOILETPAPER team take you on an adventure to fulfill your childhood fantasies: riding giant fish without getting your feet wet, snuggling up to friendly tigers and bathing in candy! 

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To go behind-the-scenes of the shooting of the KENZO Kids campaign by TOILETPAPER, see here.

Kenzo Takada always created icons that were easily recognizable at first glance. Today, Carol and Humberto continue this tradition by creating a contemporary wardrobe for the brand by incorporating new symbols such as the tiger, the eye or the logo

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For the Spring/Summer collection, the duo went to the edge of the ocean to draw inspiration in creating the emblems of the season: fish, waves and palm trees are now part of the brand’s visual vocabulary. And if you like our icons, just wait for Fall/Winter: they will all be back at the same time on a very unique pattern mixing eyes, tigers, flying tigers, clouds and fish.

Spring and sakura celebration last Sunday at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo!

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If you want to see our campaign visuals, just click here.

It’s KENZO time and we are very happy to announce the launch of a new range of watches for May 2014!

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KENZO TIME, the design-led and innovative new collection of timepieces for men and women, is the result of an extensive and collaborative partnership licensing agreement with specialist watch producer TWC. Designed for fans of the French fashion house, the watches tell the story of the KENZO brand under the creative direction of designers Carol Lim & Humberto Leon.

The new range of KENZO timepieces consists of 9 different series, each of which represents a different facet of the storied fashion houses energy - past, present and future.
every timepiece has been thoroughly considered and illustrates KENZO’s appreciation and dedication for technology, connectivity and individuality.

Models such as the ‘3-point’, ‘70’, ‘rendez-vous’ have their own unique character and explore the varied aspects of fun, design, color, innovation and creation that have made the house a pioneer in the world of fashion today. 

The watches will be sold from the 4th of May on an initial launch exclusively at select Louis Pion retailers in France as well as KENZO stores Paris, Brussels, Milan, London and Madrid as well as through our e-shop.

A worldwide rollout in KENZO stores will occur as of the beginning of August.

For the second season, we teamed up with our friends TOILETPAPER - this time to shoot the KENZO Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. Now in a KENZO exclusive, we take you behind-the-scenes to see where all the magic happened, and to introduce you to our team and of course our muses : models Devon Aoki and Paul Boche. Expect  fun images, crazy details, plastic tigers and giant fishes!

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Our male model for the campaign is Paul Boche. He was born in a small, quiet and quaint city called Eisenach in Germany and is 26 years old. Everything started when he was scouted in the streets of Berlin and he has become since then one of the most talented model of his generation. He has been living in NYC for 5 years.

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Favorite cities:
Tokyo for the old Japanese traditions mixed with a westernized influence.
Paris because everything is so “grand”.
Hong Kong for the skyline.
Berlin because it's my home town, but Berlin is such a "young" city. The wall came down only 24 years ago, and Berlin has been creating its own, new identity since then. A very interesting place.


His style:
My wardrobe consists of a mix between designers and vintage. I mostly wear darker colors, lots of black and grey. But can also be seen wearing purple leather trousers sometimes. I am more casual at the moment. I love sneakers. But I also enjoy dressing up and looking very chic.

Hiking, camping, fishing… I also have a passion for cooking and then I eat everything I cook! And jazz music.


His secret:
My middle name is Maximilian. It is my first name as per birth certificate. So technically people are supposed to use this one… But not even my mum calls me by that name.

About the KENZO campaign:
I felt like there was always such a high energy at the shoot. Everyone on set was proud to be a part of what we were creating. The studio itself looked like a children’s room - so many props were available. It felt very free. That was an amazing experience. The way we were directed made me feel very comfortable and I think we were all just toying around in a big room. Devon and I in front of the camera, the TOILETPAPER team behind it.


About Devon Aoki:
It was very nice to work with her. She is very professional and I enjoyed observing her while she was on set. The way she moved and played with the camera: very subtle movements that translated amazingly on screen.

His playlist on the shoot:
A tribe called Quest - People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
Two very different styles of music, yet both are having a big jazz influence. Amazing!

Favorite visual of the campaign:
It's an amazing story and difficult to favor a particular picture. But the shot where the garments seem to explode off our bodies is just incredible - it's so loud and energetic, I can almost hear the P-E-N-G!

Every year, at the end of April, the Hyères festival of fashion and fashion photography takes places in the gorgeous Villa Noailles and its amazing view on the Mediterranean sea. For the 29th edition, this year, Carol and Humberto are the presidents of the jury, along with actress Chloë Sevigny, Jay Massacret, Carol Song or Eric Wilson and their mission will be to select the two winners.


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The festival of Hyères has become a major and prestigious event in the fields of fashion and fashion photography since its creation in 1985 by Jean-Pierre Blanc. Workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and prizes feed the city for three days. More than a contest it is also a place where people get a chance to meet with professionals but also upcoming artists or designers.

A year ago: Humberto and Maurizio on the set of the KENZO Fall/Winter 2013 campaign!

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See the current campaign here.