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The Electric Jungle film that I made for Kenzo was my first foray into moving image, I had always been keen to see how my collage work could animate. As this was so successful I was keen to see how I could expand on this within the framework of a music video. 

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I've worked with Basement Jaxx on and off for the last 12 years, previously having created campaigns for both the "Rooty" album where the imagery was art directed by me but created by someone else and more recently "Scars", where I devised all of the imagery creating a set of collaged animal warriors for the sleeve. Much like my collaboration with Kenzo, my work with Basement Jaxx is a good visual fit where I haven't had to adapt myself too much (away from what I do personally) so there has been alot of freedom for me to interpret these worlds. When the band approached me to work on their new single "Back 2 The Wild" I was keen to try and pull together not just my art direction, design and photography for the sleeve but also the video and the Electric Jungle film gave me the opportunity to do this. There is a kinship to both films in that they are both inspired by some personal images I created last year called "Jungle Love" but each film had a different set of needs to consider. As "Back 2 The Wild" is a music video, it needed a performance at it's centre to carry the song which then meant we had to script it out in an entirely different way to "Electric Jungle", which was more editorial in feel with the collection being the star.

I'm really glad that Kenzo saw the potential in my illustrative work to commission me for the viral, it was a dream to work with them on a fashion film and it has allowed me to explore this further in a music video. I joke with my friends that I have been in the jungle for the last 6 months and although it's been great there it's nice to be back home.