This morning our Fall/Winter 2014 men's show was taking place in Paris not far from our headquarters. This season, the West coast is still the main inspiration but this time we head North to the rainy cities.

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With this collection, we focused on how perceived classic elements could be broken and reinterpreted.  


An effort in opposites attract where the familiar is twisted. The collection is bold, precise in its considered mixing of textures, proportions and shapes.  


Everyday tailoring is distinguished yet distorted and what appears as the norm is reflected in an unconventional light. The silhouette is fragmented and layered. Trousers are high waisted, straight legged and worn with chopped knits.  



4-button, high-revered suit jackets appear peeking out from underneath hooded sweaters. Discerning asymmetric and delineated stitching on coats and jackets break the classic and defuse the standard. Peacoats with raincoat volumes feature stepping on the back to add extra strata to the silhouette. The collections palette of browns and greys is jarred with injections of orchid and wild lime.  






Prints include landscapes, factory worker’s tool creatures and an x-ray neon check. We embroidered replicas of the prints onto plastic foil knits. 

To complement our winter collection, accessories are industrial and surface as elements from a steelworkers uniform.  Safety boots anchor the chopped up silhouette.  

The tool creature bracelets adorn workers wrists while spanner and nuts are pinned to down jackets.  Our messenger bag is oversized, metalized, quilted and worn hugged against the body.