Gia Coppola's Top California Movies

KENZINE first met Gia Coppola at the launch party of the Kalifornia bag in L.A back in November. A native of Los Angeles, we thought the young director would be the person to talk movies with. Here are Gia’s favourite Californian films.

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The Long Good-bye: the best example of a movie that knows not to take itself too seriously. A Raymond Chandler novel as slapstick comedy.


Los Angeles Plays Itself: The truest portrait of my hometown


The Conversation: I love the score and sound editing. I like movies that take place in San Francisco.


American Graffiti: I like movies about teenagers just driving around.


Sunset Boulevard: A movie told from the perspective of a dead guy. What Hollywood can do to a person.


Double Indemnity: Barbara Stanyick is one of my favorites. Good old classic.


Heat: Best heist movie & best shoot out scene. Val Kilmer.


Zodiac: A movie about a serial killer that's really a story about obsession.


Chinatown: Makes the history of Los Angeles into a Greek myth. The birth of LA. The story of LA can be whittled down to the search for water.


"For some reason, they're mostly crime movies!"