The skies are our playground for the Fall/Winter 2013 women’s pre-collection and the men’s collection, and Carol and Humberto have transposed the jungle into the clouds. This is an opportunity for us to return to inspirational places, all related to the skies…


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The Griffith Observatory is the astrological observatory of Los Angeles. It was built in 1935 and is named after Colonel Griffith, who bequeathed the land on which it is built to the city in 1896, for the construction of an observatory and a planetarium, so that this place would be accessible to as many people as possible. Located on the south face of Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, at an altitude of 300 meters, this site draws tourists as much as local city people, not only for its shows but also for its panorama overlooking the city all the way to Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

The edifice, in Art Deco and Egyptian style, has been renovated and in 2006, the site was reopened after four years of work. More than 70 million people have visited the observatory since its opening.
Nowadays, the building is part of the city’s mythology. It is featured in a number of films including Rebel Without a Cause (1955), Terminator (1984), Bowfinger (1999) and Terminator Salvation (2009), clips (Paula Abdul, 2Pac), and appears on the jacket cover of the album “Untitled” by the Byrds.