As we worked on the Spring Summer 2013 collections, the jungle was our main inspiration. We went on a trip to rural Thailand to find the essence of the jungle, but we also tried to find this idea in our everyday lives in Paris. This started us on our quest to find the jungles of the city - the places where we could find that bit of nature and wildness on our lunch breaks - and we found so many amazing and inspirational jungles within our own stomping grounds. #4 on our list is at 34 Rue Pasquier.


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This beautiful art deco building built in 1929 might, on first glance, seem like just another art deco building smartly built to blend into the Parisian landscape, but if you let your gaze linger you'll quickly notice just how special this building is. The building's architects, Alex and Pierre Fournier, hired sculptor Georges Saupique to decorate the building's facade with an entire menagerie of exotic animals, made using marble and enamel mosaics. The animals, including sharks, elephants, tiger-battling cobras, and parrots, give such an unexpected dose of the jungle as you're walking down the street. Bit by bit, street by street, year by year, the jungle seems to be taking over Paris.