Let's continue with our list of inspirational places in or around Paris in our quest for jungle, our main theme for the Spring/Summer collection this year.

This time, we're going to a castle outside of Paris in order to discover the first of the Fench safaris!



Images: Gamma and © Artgus Boutin/Parc and Ch√Ęteau de Thoiry.

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Count de La Panouse was thinking out of the box 45 years ago when he brought France’s first safari to the suburbs of Paris: release the animals, he said, and put the visitors in a cage!
Ever since, from the comfort of their cars visitors have been able to catch a close-up glimpse of large herds of various species living alongside one another in quasi-freedom.
Visitors take in continents at their own pace over a 4 ½ mile (8 km) route and can witness spectacular displays of wildlife.


The show-stoppers of the African Plain – elephants, giraffes, white rhinos and hippos – currently share their home with 13 lesser known African herbivores: Chapman’s zebras, blue wildebeests, waterbucks, lechwe, springboks, Watusi cattle, Cape elands, sable antelopes, camels, warthogs, greater kudus, white-tailed gnus, and sitatungas, as well as one bird species, the ostrich.

While stalking the forest and ponds of the North American Reserve, visitors can spot species such as the American bison, who shares his space with a group of some 20 black bears that swim the ponds, climb the trees and burrow out dens just as they would in their native forests.
On the Eurasian Plain, visitors can look out for European bison, Przewalski's horses and fallow deer.

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