A Thai jungle trek was our inspiration for the Kenzo Spring/Summer 2013 collection. With summer around the corner, we wanted to share some wanderlust-inspiring trips to get you pumped for summer vacation season!


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This surprisingly hospitable jungle bordered by lakes and mountains is a treasure trove of rare wildlife, delicately spiced dishes and Khmer temples. The trek is challenging though, so you do need to be in good physical shape! Thailand has dozens of national parks to choose from, in the mountainous North or tropical climate and rainforest of the South.


One option is Khao Yai National Park, 200 km (125 miles) north of Bangkok, which became Thailand’s first national park in 1962. It stretches over four provinces and boasts 70 mammal species, 70 reptile species and over 300 bird species. Khao Yai has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2005. The park is home to 250 wild elephants, and visitors can also look out for roe and sambar deer, monkeys, porcupines, bears, gibbon, snakes, lizards and exotic birds. Only to be explored with an experienced guide, of course! We also recommend Erawan National Park, named after a mythological elephant and famed for its seven turquoise waterfalls. Adventurous types can climb to the top of the falls and later reward aching muscles with a fully-clothed dip. You can even walk behind some of the waterfalls. Magic!