We leave India for a land less familiar to our latest Kenzo collection… we’re bound for Brazil! Beaches and Carnival are far from the only treasures Brazil has to offer, as becomes obvious the second you set foot in Pantanal, the country’s tropical western region. It’s a short hop from urban jungle to Amazon jungle...

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Pantanal’s claim to fame as the planet’s largest floodplain means a region endowed with spectacularly rich fauna and flora. There is no shortage of ecotourism safaris departing from the cities of Corumba, Miranda and Coxim, where explorers embark on multi-day expeditions in the hope of catching a glimpse of the largest and most handsome wildcat in the Americas, the jaguar.

Most of this jaguar-spotting happens aboard boat safaris, and whether or not you’re lucky enough to meet the yellow gaze of a big cat, the trip won’t disappoint: your consolation prize is the chance to spot a giant otter, anaconda or caiman. Alternatively, look out for howler monkeys, parrots, toucans, capuchins and tapirs as you explore on foot or on horseback with the cowboys of Pantanal. That should ensure you work up an appetite for feijoada, churrasco and moqueca!