We set sail from South America to once again drop anchor in Asia, where our globetrotting jungle expedition continues with a different kind of safari.

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Rainforested Singapore Zoo pioneered the concept of the night safari. Every effort is made to respect the nocturnal rhythms of the animals, just like in the wild. The safari park officially opened in 1994 and is home to more than 120 species distributed among eight geographic regions. From the Himalayan Foothills to the Indian subcontinent, the realm of deer, lions, bears and hyenas, to the Indian region, where the tiger and elephant are king, to Equatorial Africa, where giraffes, zebras and onyx graze side by side, to the rhinos of the Nepalese River Valley… this tour has it all!

Although the park can be toured by tram, we recommend exploring on foot, along wallaby and leopard trails or on the tracks of a wild cat. You can admire the wildlife at your own pace under the veil of darkness lit only by artificial moonlight. You won’t find any cages here; the creatures are separated from the public by natural barriers. In the absence of the usual buffer zones it almost feels like we’re observing the animals in the wild.

Note that flash photography is of course prohibited to avoid disturbing the animals, so bring a good quality camera if you’re hoping to snap some souvenir shots!