"That belongs in a museum"

"That belongs in a museum"... This famous line, spoken by Professor Jones, was what started this adventure. Just like the character, the two teenagers wear the iconic Indiana Jones fedora as they head into the jungle to discover the ruins of their own civilization. The statues and relics that they bring back to their university are wearing hats too: New Era baseball caps.



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It was definitely inspired by the fast-paced world of adventure films, with a few fitting tributes to the Indiana Jones films or “Jurassic Park” by Steven Spielberg, but it also took inspiration from “magical” places that actually exist, like Mount Nemrut in Turkey.
The classic “venture into the jungle” theme is what first inspired the series, but I’ve also tried to bring in some more urban jungle influences or whimsical themes as well. You’ll find a hardy combination of Rousseau’s jungle paintings and the giant pigeon sculptures found in La Grande Borne (a low-income housing district in Grigny,  just south of Paris).
The motifs and the prints have a kind of childlike, comic book, or even pop art style, which really works well with my photos".

Maciek Pozoga


All caps are available here.


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