KENZOPEDIA #10: J for Jean-Paul Goude

J for... Jean-Paul Goude
He dreamed of becoming a dancer, but Jean-Paul Goude instead turned out to be one of the most brilliant image makers of his generation. 

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By turns illustrator, artistic director, photographer and producer, his work is marked by a distinctive taste for multiculturalism, choreography and body manipulation. The tongue-in-cheek creative genius has made his mark with images that have earned cult status. When enlisted by Carol and Humberto for the Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, Goude wanted to capture a strong image that would “mark the territory of the brand without betraying its spirit”. He rose to the challenge with these two dancers forming an X shape, and a clashing color palette. The collaboration was such a success that he came back for the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, where he uses the same graphic principle that has penetrated the collective unconscious.