Kenzopedia #21: U is for ...Underground

Carol and Humberto have both fostered a love of underground cultures since their teens, and they love to juxtapose the disruption of those influences with more conventional mainstream codes. They forge their singular approach in particular through their creative vision for KENZO; from their different artistic collaborations, to their choice of photographers for the campaigns and the eclectic composers they pick for the show soundtracks.

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The duo constantly draws inspirations from underground cultures, which translate into strong visual touch points in the KENZO collections. For Spring/Summer 2014 ‘80s punk bands such as Black Flag, skateboarding and unconventional beach cultures were all celebrated. This Autumn, David Lynch’s Americana and experimental cinema will be next.


Discover more about some of the underground influences of the KENZO Spring/Summer 2014 collection:

‘Scratch your name on my Arm’ by Deanna Templeton.
The Underground music scene in L.A. by Milly McMahon.
Mike D. from the Beastie Boys.
Malcolm Maclaren’s British Punk.