KENZOPEDIA #6: F for Food

Let's face it: almost everything we do in our lives comes back to our main driving force: food. It powers us through our day, motivates us to work hard, rewards our hard work better than most anything, and, best of all, brings us all together. It's our favorite part of traveling, our favorite part of the day, and our favorite talent in friends. 

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We're not afraid to admit: we love food. That's why we share with you our favorite recipes and restaurants here on the blog, and partner with our chef friends for special events. The best thing to do with food is to share it! 

But it wouldn’t be right to talk food without a shout out to Humberto’s mom Wendy, whom he lauds as one of the most inventive and talented chefs he knows. Wendy is renowned for her ability to rustle up any dish you can name. She regularly shares her lip-smacking recipes on Kenzine in her own section: Wendy's recipes.