We expressed our love for the marble of the Palace of Versailles to you before, so you know we had to really do the marble print up. In creating a collection based on interiors, Carol and Humberto felt simply printing some marble onto some of the clothing wasn't enough for something so painstakingly created and so full of potential as marble. 

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So, to add a little depth to the print, we added the criss-cross marble on top of (or is it under?) a contrasting colored marble, and then chose the colors carefully. For the white marble print we chose a white and gray, almost picket-fence like marble to go on top if the contrasting dark marble, and for the black marble print we added a hint of the hearth fire into the marble itself, on top of the more subtly contrasting dark marble. Then we decked out our pleated dresses and skirts (for another layer of dimension), as well as so many other pieces in the collections.