On Tuesday night Robyn performed at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England, kicking off her tour with Coldplay, where she will be sporting Kenzo! After the show we asked Robyn’s stylist and choreographer, and creator of the website, Decida, some questions about the show and her work with Robyn.

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Why don’t you start off by introducing yourself to our Kenzine readers. You seem to be quite polyfacetic: the dance, the styling, the art directing, the charm; it clearly all converges in your internet presence.

I'm a net-native stereotypophobe, a transnational 2FACED1 based in Stockholm! Like the huge pop culture nerd I am, I'm trying to understand as much as possible about it and how it affects the modern day identity. I'm interested in clothing as an identity cursor, as symbols, as a part of a context. I prefer to work in different media and I’ve got a certain style and way of seeing things that is possible to communicate through these different avenues. Styling, Creative Direction and Choreography is just some of them.


So, how was the Robyn show the other day?
It was great! Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England, took about 40,000 Coldplay fans. The vibe is something extra special at these big arenas! Robyn was fierce as always, but it's different to perform in front of somebody else's audience compared to twelve thousand of her own die hard fans like the last show in Hollywood Bowl!


How did you and Robyn meet, and in which ways do you two collaborate today?
D: It’s a really organic way of collaborating, we have a lot in common and understand each other’s references. My main areas when working with her are Style and Stage Direction/Choreography but we talk about pretty much everything…!
Stockholm isn't that big, so we met via a mutual friend, Lojsan. Robyn wanted my opinion about how dance could be an integrated part of her then (2009) up-coming albums, the Body Talk trilogy, which was about to feature a lot of electronic dance music. We went for a three hour coffee and clicked.

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