Cibo Matto was one of our absolute favorite bands in the 90s. From their early shows at CBGBs in New York, to their work with Sean Lennon, to their cover of "About A Girl" (one of the best Nirvana covers of all time), they were by far among the coolest and most fun bands around. 

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Their music combined all sorts of seemingly random samples into something coherent, beautiful and original. Then they added lyrics about (our mutual obsession:) food that they sang and rapped over their beautiful beats. They had just the right dose of 90s American attitude mixed with 90s Japan attitude, and everyone was infatuated by just how well they mixed together!

The two main members, Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda recently reformed Cibo Matto and played two super special shows in Brooklyn last week to try out some new material for the new album they're recording (their first in nearly fifteen years!). They played some old favorites alongside their super fun new songs, and took us straight back to 1994, sounding like nothing had changed at all since.